A few days ago, I was out for dinner with my mom and my sister. All the tables around us were full of mature adults on dates with their phones while another person shared a table with them. People filled the entire restaurant but if someone dropped a pin, you’d be able to hear it. No conversation, no laughter, nothing, instead the sounds of texts being sent and received filled the air.

Eventually, the silence was filled with upbeat Mexican music as a band began playing on a small stage in front of the tables. All the mature adults looked up for a full three seconds before returning their attention to their dates, but there were two strange individuals who didn’t go back to their devices.

Instead, they scurried out of their seats to the empty space in front of the stage and began dancing as if there was no tomorrow. Two little boys: ages 4 and 2, brothers. They moved their bodies to that upbeat music without a care in the world. Smiles lighting up their two faces. They held hands and spun, they giggled and twirled, and eventually when the little one got tired he stretched out on the floor right there as his brother continued jumping over him and dancing around him. Without a care in the world.

This is what I aspire to be. Sure, I have other goals in life, I want to grow up and be a “mature” adult too, but there’s an aspect to being a child that I never want to lose. Children are fulfilled by so little. Little things bring the biggest smile on their faces. Being able to dance after dinner, probably made those boys’ days. That’s all it took.
I want to look for joy in little everyday moments, because I’m realizing that waiting for some BIG thing to happen that fixes everything is honestly  pointless and exhausting. Especially since, it may never happen. While waiting for some BIG thing to make me happy, I may just lose all these little moments. Those boys taught me that happiness can be found in the little moments in life, all it takes is a little bit of courage, a little less of hesitation and a whole lot of desire to have fun. That’s the recipe to positivity and to happiness.
~ Prisha Khimavat ~