The Necessity of Change

In our world
Insults can be bought by the dozen
There’s the traditional
“F-word” and “S-word”
The this word and that word
But beneath those surfaces
Rages a war of words unseen
And yet words so deeply known
It’s in fact more than just words
It’s phrases with emotions
It’s the fluctuation of your voice
It’s the face that goes alongside
It’s the personal ones that hurt
It’s the ones that go like
“You’ve changed”

Since when is change a bad thing?
People grow
People evolve
How boring would it be
To never change
To eternally remain constant
Change insinuates growth
It expects new ideas, new beliefs
Times changes
It’s passes
Society changes
It’s grows and evolves
And thus people change
We grow and evolve
Our beliefs change
Our hopes and dreams change
Our preferences change
Our personalities may also change
But what doesn’t change is this:
We remain people
We remain individuals with voices
Individuals who matter
Individuals who can’t be reduced to
The stupidity of
“You’ve changed”

~Prisha Khimavat~

Note: This piece was inspired by an artist on Instagram who creates amazing, deep and thoughtful pieces that are super inspiring to me! Check her out on instagram @revelatori