17 Things I’ve Learnt Since Turning 17

Hello World!

I write to you today as a changed woman! Yes, that’s right! I’m seventeen now! My birthday was a little over a week ago, February 12th, and as such, I am now a year older. So, seeing as how I am now super mature, and have gained a ton of wisdom in the past seven-ish days, here are 17 things I’ve learnt since turning 17:

  1. Vanilla cake is AMAZING. Yes, chocolate cake is great, but it better watch out, a really good vanilla cake might be some strong competition.
  2. It is 100% possible to pack a suitcase in 30 minutes, all you have to do is wait until you have to leave the house in five hours, and you haven’t gotten any sleep yet. Lack of sleep + Procrastination does wonders for the speed at which you do pretty much anything.
  3. If you fall asleep around your friends, they will most definitely take the most unattractive pictures of you.
  4. If you pull out a snack with 8 other friends around, you will eat maybe 2% of that snack, if even that.
  5. Speaking of snacks, you can NEVER have too many Oreos.
  6. Speaking of Oreos, when in a large group, no one ever wants to be that person: the one who took the last Oreo.
  7. In the event that a sea urchin or a jelly fish stings you or someone else around you, peeing on it will ACTUALLY help! In fact, anything acidic helps. So, soda works too, but if you can’t find anything acidic, pee on it!
  8. You can NEVER have too much sunscreen! Because if you go to a rural area beach, where pollution levels are lower, the sun will hit you more directly, therefore even if you never burn, you just might. (I’m speaking from experience here! Indians don’t ever really burn, and yet here I am.)
  9. If you even try to take an underwater picture, just remember, things MAGNIFY underwater, so even though the shot of your friends outside of water may look like everyone fits, when underwater, some one will get cut off! So maybe take account of that.
  10. If you ever happen to have an allergic reaction right before feeling sea sick, and therefore take anti-allergy medication and dramamine (Seasickness), (especially if they both cause drowsiness) expect to get KNOCKED OUT! (I may have fallen asleep for pretty much six straight hours, I loved it, but still.)
  11. Having a panic attack in the middle of the ocean, is 100 times worse than it sounds. Yikes, don’t even want to think about it.
  12. On the other hand, if you ever get the chance to jump off a boat before you go snorkeling, DO IT! It’s terrifying but best adrenaline rush EVER!
  13. If you reach to the the sand underwater at a beach, grab some, pull it out of the water, and then let it drip slowly, it looks like diarrhea! šŸ˜› Best part though: Asking people if it looks like diarrhea and then once that image is in their head, chucking it at them! šŸ˜› Bonus points if you get close to their face, like their shoulders or something.
  14. If you’re staring at your phone while walking the hallways in school, you might end up walking into the wrong class room. #megawkward
  15. In today’s day and age, everyone has a camera on them (smartphones?) so, if you do something mildly stupid, like make a really disgusting face, or scratch your nose in public, you may end up with a picture that a) looks like you just farted or b) looks like you’re picking your nose.
  16. Curling irons are HOT! Be careful. REALLY. Accidental burns will scar your skin. (I have two on my left arm at this very moment!)
  17. Lastly, there is something to be learnt out of every situation, whether it be something silly like these, or some deep metaphor about life. All you need to do is stop and reflect. Even if you end up making a silly list like this, it still feels extremely productive, as it enables you to visually experience everything that’s happened in a short period of time. (You can always do it mentally too, it’s just fun!) Or you can take a situation in life and think a little deeper and find the positivity and the real lesson in that moment. Exploring your own situations and arriving at realizations yourself, is always extremely rewarding, and it really helps the lesson stick too!

Thank you so much for reading this silly list of mine! And as I transition into being a seventeen year old, learn how to drive, hopefully learn how to cook so I don’t totally starve when I move away to college, and just as I make big changes this year, I hope you’ll stick around to read about the things I learn, and the entertaining and important events that take place in my life. Thank you so much for all the support so far, and I really hope you’ll stick around longer and invite others here too, whether it be for a moment of deep connection or even just for a laugh.

Thank you so much for everything!

~ Prisha Khimavat ~