Let Your Words Be Heard

The way his eyes light up

When he talks about a comic

The way a smile sneaks upon her face

When some one brings up her favorite T.V show

The way they look at each other

Before they launch into a story about their childhood

When we speak of things we love

Our hearts are filled with joy

But then

A split second later

Dread fills his eyes

And that smile is wiped from her face

They look away in shame

And our hearts feel like its end game

Faces look away

As our lips mumble sorries

Tongues tangle

And hearts stop

Our words don’t matter

Others don’t want to hear them

We aren’t special enough to be heard

Because nobody cares

Some one

Some where

Some time

Has told each one of us

“Shut up”

“Nobody cares.”

In our minds, their words have more power than ours

But its time to realize that

We have given them that power

We have allowed them to decide

What we can and can not say

They’ve convinced us that

Our passions are weird

Our words are pointless

We talk in circles

We talk too much

We talk too little

We’re boring

We’re too much

We’re just not right

That you are just not right

But the truth is,

Your passions are exciting

You words are powerful

You tell the story exactly how it needs to be told


You are just right

And you can say anything you want to.

Stop apologizing for being excited

For having emotions

For having opinions

For being passionate

For being human

Words matter, so let yours be heard.

Let yours make a powerful impact

Let yours make a difference.

~ Prisha Khimavat ~