What if the fire that engulfs and consumes all
Is simply looking for a friend to love?

What if the rude girl who never says a sweet word
Is afraid of being judged?

What if the popular guy who talks to everyone
Is hurting on the inside and doesn’t want to show?

What if the strict parents who always stop their kids
Are afraid that the people they love most will get hurt?

What if the shy girl in the corner
Has multitudes of thoughts to express?

What if every single one of us
Has a little dark and a little light inside?

What if first impressions
Are simply overrated, uninformed judgements?

What if, in some way, we are all
Just a little misunderstood?

When we make snap judgements based on first impressions, we view life like this picture – blurred. Sometimes a blurry picture can be beautiful too, but you will never know the full story until you work a little harder and focus. Everyone has a reason behind why they are the way they are, every choice we make is intentional to some degree. So, if you have a judgement you’ve made, or a certain way you think about somebody, maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper. Every misunderstanding stems from lack of communication, and every misunderstanding can be resolved. All it takes is a little bit of effort. 

~ Prisha Khimavat ~